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Solar & Skylight cleaning experts in Melbourne.

Xtraclean Solar & Skylight are on a mission. To ensure all our commercial and residential clients across Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula gain real performance improvements from our dedicated solar cleaning services for solar panels using our specialised solar cleaning filtration equipment. Skylights & roof windows benefit greatly with a crystal clear and guaranteed spot free finish. We are very particular about our work and determined to achieve service excellence for every single customer.

Wisely, you have invested in your future with a solar panel installation. You can gain substantially more power capacity from professionally cleaned solar panels and will get greater natural light transparency from externally cleaned skylights and roof windows. Regular cleaning with our specialised solar filtration unit of these surfaces results in immediate gains with increased solar power output, which is a good thing for our pocket, benefiting our modern lifestyle and our existence on Planet Earth.

Solar panels are NOT self-cleaning.

In fact, all solar panels lose power output by more than 5-8% each year as they become more exposed to poor weather, dirt, bird droppings, moss, lichen, salt and debris. Heavily polluted areas can see a massive drop in solar power output by up to 35% in just a month.

We use a dedicated solar cleaning filtration unit with deionised & distilled water to guarantee maximum performance output for every single client.

All PV panels require expert solar cleaning with dedicated solar cleaning equipment to maintain peak performance and power output. Over time with typical wear and tear, continued exposure to harsh weather conditions and lack of maintenance, your solar investment will struggle to perform and produce the same level of expected power or cost savings.

We have even found that oily stains and pollution build-up can occur in some installations located near an airport or flight path, situated close to freeways or high-traffic road networks, manufacturing or industrial zones severely reducing the power output of PV systems.

Cut down on wear and tear, minimise water damage and solar cell hot-spots caused by lichen, mold, mildew and moss build-up and maximise consistent power output by ultimately protecting your asset with an Xtraclean solar clean service.

Xtraclean will effectively remove these built-up emissions and layers of sediment and stains which most often have stuck down and set over time or been baked on hard by the Sun, acid-rain and wind.

Maximise solar power output immediately

Our solar panel performance clean aims to improve total PV system performance and to return much better efficiencies and cost savings to your home or business.

Professionally clean Skylights

Skylights and roof windows look beautiful in rooms when crystal clean and perform at their best by transmitting the maximum amount of natural light into the space below. Whether located in your home, office or business premises, we thoroughly inspect and remove external grime, dirt, bird droppings, dead insects, lichen, moss, salt, dust, ash, tree sap, leaf and pollen stains to restore the most natural light possible into the room from the skylight glass above.

Give us a call to chat about how we can help improve the performance and look of your roof glass, be it solar panels, skylights or roof windows.

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