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Solar Re-energiser High Performance Clean

Get the best performing solar panels

Watering your solar panels with just a hose and standard tap water will not clean the panels or remove built up grime and contaminants. To get the best performing solar panels you will need to actually re-energise every solar cell within every solar panel,

A safer foolproof option would be to engage an accredited expert with the knowledge and equipment to restore the solar panels back to a condition where they can absorb up to 100% of the available sunlight.

Our ever popular solar high performance clean service is suitable for all types and brands of solar panels. With no chemicals or damaging high pressure spray, we leave your glass panels streak and spot free – Guaranteed!. Our specialised solar cleaning equipment produces only pure filtered, distilled and de-ionized water ensuring your panels are absolutely sparkling clean back to bare glass and completely dirt and contaminant free.

Aqua Natural Chemical free Performance Clean

Our Aqua Natural cleaning system removes all dissolved solids and contaminants from the water. Rest assured your solar panels will become grime free, spotlessly clear and will perform at their very best once more.. You can rest assured that no dangerous chemicals will enter your guttering system or grey-water tanks with Aqua-Natural. No high pressure or harsh abrasives to harm the environment, it is safe, non-scratch, effective and inexpensive.

We measure TDS (total dissolved solids) whilst cleaning to achieve uninterrupted high-quality water flow from our deep filtration unit directly to your glass panels.

  • 100% environmentally friendly

  • Pure de-ionised and distilled water

  • Safe for grey water storage

  • No damaging high-pressure water

  • No harsh chemicals

  • No abrasive powders or detergents

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