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Why clean solar panels and skylights?

Existing homes can be quickly transformed with skylight cleaning and your existing solar panels will deliver much greater returns when regularly cleaned and maintained by our team.

Many older homes in Melbourne were built without skylights or solar panels in mind.

These modern upgrades are terrific home improvements that add genuine value to any property and maintaining them in peak condition will ensure you maximise both your enjoyment and investment in the property.

Many of our clients living on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula with existing homes rely on Xtraclean Solar & Skylight to remove build-up of salt residue and sand grit from skylights or roof windows because we are the leading solar & skylight cleaning experts in Melbourne.

We only use specialised cleaning equipment dedicated to the absolute removal of all glass contaminants. We ensure your existing solar panels are squeaky clean back to bare glass, just like the day they were first installed. Our techniques enable your solar panels to fully absorb the sun’s powerful energy and you will immediately see maximum power gains across the entire array when reviewing your inverter display.

Particular attention should be given to holiday homes, warehouses, offices and rental properties.
Many times we are enlisted to re-energise solar panels on commercial buildings after completing a performance clean on a private residence with typically outstanding results.

The best system clean for all types of solar panels is our Aqua Natural service for all the glass panels. Critically we do not use any harsh abrasives or damaging high pressure sprays.  Skylights are best cleaned using the same method and additionally can be followed by applying Protect-a-Shield to the skylight glass.

  • Homeowners add immediate value

  • Greater appeal to buyers & tenants

  • Enjoy higher rental returns

  • Increase electricity output

  • Build warmth & room ambience

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