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Generate more solar power immediately

Generate more solar power immediately and get the most out of your solar panels.

Maintaining your solar system investment with professionally cleaned solar panels ensures you continue being rewarded with reduced power energy bills. According to MOZO comparison website, 4 ways to get the most out of your solar panels are to use most solar generated electricity during sunlight hours, limit usage of your appliances to one at a time, have your solar panels regularly cleaned every 6-12 months and track your energy usage with a suitable monitoring app or software.

We have dived into these recommendations and explain some of the detail to consider when you are looking to have your solar panels professionally cleaned.

7 expert tips to get much more energy production from your solar panels

Improving your solar performance using your existing solar panels is much more cost effective than replacing all your panels or upgrading to a new solar PV system. Here are our tips to help solar panel owners get immediate power gains from an existing solar power system.

Monitor your solar performance.

Experience tells us that solar panel power output levels vary greatly due to many factors including the type, size, age, condition, orientation and number of panels in your installation. Seasonality plays a major role in the ability of your panels to deliver maximum electricity output. Keeping a record of how your system is performing through the year will help you better understand your solar performance range and give you a benchmark to start looking at how to improve your power output without the need to spend money on possibly an unnecessary upgrade.

Get a timely solar panel Inspection.

The only true way of assessing the condition of your rooftop solar panels is to have them inspected by a professional. Check your solar panels and document their condition. There are many components on the roof to check and identify any potential hazards or maintenance issues before they become a danger or safety concern. The solar panels themselves can become damaged by harsh weather events such as bush fires, storms, hailstones etc.

During our pre-clean solar inspections, we have on occasion noted damage to solar panels where seals are broken between the glass and frames. We know that high-pressure spray degrades the seals and prematurely wears the solar panels. Water can also enter the panel and potentially cause dangerous hazard with water ingress. Corrosion is another culprit. It can affect the structural integrity of the rails, clamps, brackets and wiring. We have identified damaged isolator switches and conduit, particularly where there is no cover fitted or there has been a leak or break in the isolator box structure. Again, this is a potential fire hazard. Birds nesting and pests like possums, snakes and even wasp hives can wreak havoc if not discovered,

The safest and most complete way to ensure your rooftop solar is in good operational condition is to have the solar panels and hardware checked as part of your solar maintenance cleaning schedule. Get a local solar cleaning expert on the job and make sure you ask them how to get maximum power and value from your existing solar installation. Only specialist professional solar cleaning experts can deliver best-in-class genuine solar power improvements.

Safely clean your solar panels. Don’t damage them.

Much conjecture surrounds exactly how to clean solar panels and the best methods to improve solar panel efficiency. We can immediately dispel all the myths floating around as our expertise in professionally cleaning solar panels is second-to-none. Xtraclean Solar & Skylight are experts with a dedicated solar performance team achieving unrivaled solar power output gains for every client on every single job.

Solar panels are durable, not invincible!

It is rather easy to damage the panels with incorrect cleaning and unfortunately we see damaged solar panels too often due to inexperienced operators.

Never apply high-pressure spray to solar panels.

Water ingress can cause potential fire damage to rooftop isolator switches and wiring. We have seen damaged seals between frames and the glass panel which has diminished the entire solar system’s ability to perform and required premature panel replacement.

High-pressure sprays can cause micro-cracks in the panel glass and the solar panels will stop functioning prematurely. Manufacturers’ warranties and Performance guarantees may become void if you opt for this method of cleaning. All in all high-pressure sprays are a definite no-no and should never be attempted on your solar investment.

Do not use abrasive material or scouring pads.

We have seen scratched glass because of over-enthusiastic home-owners or inexperienced operators. Once the solar panel glass is etched, it is permanently damaged leading to early micro-cracking, loss of power, dangerous overheating and requiring panel replacement.

Do not just use tap water on solar panels.

All tap water contains micro-particles of dirt and dissolved solids. Using tap water to simply hose the panels will add particles to the glass for debris and contaminants to adhere much more readily. Like rain, tap water is not pure-water and as such simply adds to the surface contamination. Tap water provides a rough surface and suitable growing habitat for dirt, leaves, lichen, moss, algae, salt and so on,

Solar panel cleaning professionals.

A professional solar panel clean is performed by a trained solar cleaning expert who knows how to maximise solar power output and generate more solar power immediately, on every single solar installation. If you want clean gutters you call a gutter cleaner. Roof cleaners clean roofs and use high-pressure wash, whereas a solar cleaning professional is a specialist with the right solar cleaning equipment and know-how to restore maximum solar power efficiency from your exiting PV solar system with care.

A true solar cleaning expert only cleans and maintains solar panels and PV systems. Only engage solar cleaning specialists with the knowledge on how to use the a deep filtration unit and take the time and care to get you impressive solar power gains with immediate results.

If you are paying for a solar clean in Melbourne, you want to have the absolute best experienced solar maintenance cleaning team on the job. Specialist solar equipment, solar expertise and panel care is critical to get guaranteed major power gains. Our expert techniques and solar re-energiser equipment produces peak solar energy output every single time – and amazing looking panels that speak for themselves.

A solar clean or Solar Re-energiser service?

A solar clean may simply refer to a quick wash down with a hose or pressure washer, some detergent and brush off the top level debris.

If you expect more and are seeking the leading Melbourne solar cleaning experts to maintain your solar panels to the best possible standard, then you need our solar service skilled specialists.

Bare-glass solar restoration.

If you expect markedly improved solar power output, then you want a solar re-energiser service that includes bare-glass re-energising restoration.

This is a unique, premium offering only available from Xtraclean Solar & Skylight. Solar panels once restored will perform at amazing levels of efficiency and you will see the difference with future electricity bills.

Bare-glass re-energising of your solar panels can be added to our most popular Aqua Natural service. Immediate power gains are seriously impressive and guaranteed. Panels are brought back to near ‘as new’ condition, completely restored back to bare-glass, just like when they were first installed on your property. This ultimate cleaning service is suitable for rooftop or ground solar installations.

Call us to learn more about this premium service.

Leading the pack with our Aqua Natural service, Xtraclean Solar & Skylight’s solar performance team assess your solar installation with a pre-clean check and determine the best technique to provide maximum power output and impressively clean solar panels that will outperform any other cleaning service available.

Keep the solar panels maintenance cleaned with a solar cleaning schedule and you will ensure maximum solar energy production all year round.

Don’t use chemicals on solar panels.

All detergents leave a film residue on solar panels that form a layer or coating that can shorten the effective life and efficiency of the panel. As solar panels reach rather high temperatures during sunlight hours, this film sets on the glass, essentially coating the PV cells like shading and severely reduces their ability to perform efficiently.

A secondary issue develops where the coating acts like a blanket across the glass panels and the solar cells underneath operate at higher temperatures which can overheat cells causing premature damage and reduce total power output on a ‘string connected’ PV system. If your system is a string array, where all the panels are inter-connected operating as a whole system, then the whole solar system will demonstrate reduced power output, even if just one panel has been cleaned with detergent.

No chemicals. No harsh abrasives. No damaging high-pressure.

Maximise your solar power output.

Call the solar cleaning experts. Our team have helped clean and protect solar panels for businesses and home owners all over Melbourne and across the Mornington Peninsula.

We inspect and document solar panel condition before commencing any cleaning work.

Our expert team take the time to safely bring life back to your existing solar energy panels or solar hot water system and help support greater energy production and a longer panel life.

You can expect to see improved energy output once all your panels are professionally re-energised. Our deep filtration unit ensures best-in-class safe cleaning for all types of solar panels.

To see continued output gains, we recommend you consider adding one of our solar panel re-energiser services into a personalised maintenance cleaning plan designed specifically for your solar installation.

Regular solar maintenance cleaning will see you save even more money by producing more consistently higher solar power output whilst keeping your solar panels in top serviceable condition.

Relax and enjoy the additional solar energy and let us take specialist care of your solar panel re-energising and maintenance cleaning.

  • Re-energise your solar panels for better efficiency
  • Maximise the ongoing output of your solar PV investment
  • Protect your Asset Investment for the long term
  • Lower power costs = saving more $$ every single day

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