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Clean, bright & light

Dirty skylights cut light transmission from entering into rooms leaving them dark and cold spaces.

Restore up to 100% of natural light into the room space below the skylights and enjoy the enduring warmth and clarity that comes with clean, clear glass panels.

We remove dirt, dust, bird droppings, hard water spotting, mineral deposits, salt, organic stains, sap, pollen and many other contaminants and debris from glass roof windows and skylights.

We only use specialised brushes and materials guaranteed not to scratch the glass skylight panel leaving the outside skylight glass sparkling clean, spot free and easier to maintain in top condition.

Clean ‘n’ Coat Premium Packages

Skylights and roof windows will particularly benefit with the ultimate in external cleaning offered by Xtraclean.

We provide a complete ‘Clean n Coat’ maintenance service. Starting with a thorough clean and dry of the glass panels, we follow up with our two-step Protect-a-Shield application.

We gently buff the newly protected glass surface edge to edge which leaves the skylight glass fully protected and noticeably easier to keep clean until the next maintenance visit.

Upon completion, we establish your personalised service schedule unique for your specific job requirements to maintain the ultimate external visibility and clarity performance for the life of the panel glass.

  • Ultimate Cleaning system with two coat glass protection
  • A two-step application of Protect-a-Shield

  • Extended Asset protection

  • Get high performance glass

  • Non-scratch finish

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