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Maintenance Cleaning

Call us to discuss your specific maintenance cleaning requirements. Upon setup of your schedule, we will manage your personalised plan ensuring your panels gain and keep delivering maximum power output to produce greater ongoing electricity savings year round.

Xtraclean Solar Performance Clean

Performance Clean

Major performance gains with 0% chemicals. Our specialised DI (deionized) pure water clean will remove dirt, dust and debris to leave your panels gleaming shiny and improve your power gain with no harmful detergents or harsh abrasives.

Totally panel safe & eco-friendly. Suitable for Solar panels, Skylights and Roof Windows.


Our most popular service, Aqua Natural is most suitable for residential customers. Put simply, it is 100% safe for your panels and grey-water systems.

Our deep filtration equipment removes the ions and TDS (totally dissolved solids) from your existing water supply producing totally pure water, which means your solar panels or skylights will be completely clean leaving no water spots, drying absolutely streak and smear free.


Commercial solar or skylight and roof window clients experience added benefits of reduced power expenses by keeping these installations clean, clear and free from debris.

Many contaminants in commercial premises require more frequent cleaning. In areas experiencing greater pollution, higher traffic areas, bayside and metropolitan buildings will find airborne pollutants that adhere to the panels, particularly after rain.

We regularly discover grit, salt, dirt, bird droppings, even fine dust stuck hard to panels and in many cases these require a deep clean to get them back to acceptable performance and condition.

Give us a call and we will advise the best solution to help clean and protect your installation.

We will address your particular problem and setup a timely complete maintenance plan to avoid any recurrence and minimise any potential power or light loss.

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