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Whether you are building a new home with a solar panel installation, renovating or have an existing solar PV system, our solar re-energiser services will improve system performance and make for easier maintenance of your investment.

After all other trades have finished on-site, we come in and get straight to work cleaning and protecting your solar panels and skylights making them shine bright to perform at their very best in all weather conditions.

Even new installed solar systems will not perform at their best capacity unless professionally cleaned with the right equipment and technique.

We get maximum solar power production and up to 100% efficiency from your new solar panels with our expert solar performance clean and solar re-energiser services.

External skylights or feature roof-windows will look amazingly clean and clear with our dedicated and experienced cleaning service.

Light transfer will be markedly improved even with new glass, producing greater clarity and brightness upon entering the room and restoring the warm atmosphere you expect from a new skylight installation.

  • Better protection for new bare glass

  • Greater solar electricity savings

  • Better brighter light transfer

  • Immediate long-lasting benefits

  • Extend life of panels

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