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Why Protect-a-Shield?

Helps prevent glass stickiness and build-up of dirt, grime, bird droppings, sap, leaves, insects and salt-spray from sticking to solar panels and rooftop glass.

Rainfall causes the adhesion of dry dust on the glass surfaces which would degrade the transparency of the glass panel. The water vapour from the rainfall scatters the transmission of light through the glass panel.

Once bare glass is coated with Protecta-a-Shield, the glass surface exhibits a hydrophobic property and causes rain water to bead and dissipate or simply roll down off the skylight glass or rooftop window making it harder for debris to cling to the panels until the next application whilst making future cleaning much easier.

Protect-a-Shield performs extremely well in all weather conditions and adds an extra layer of protection from the heat and UV of the Sun’s rays without reducing glass panel performance.

Complete protection times will vary depending on the condition and location of the panels, with newer or less worn/exposed panel coverage lasting longer. A single application is typically reapplied seasonally to maintain full protection.

We highly recommend protecting your bare external skylights or roof window glass from the harsh elements and getting longer lasting clean light transmission along with easier cleaning with specialised Protect-a-Shield treatment.

How we do it?

Following the Aqua Natural clean we thoroughly dry the frame and glass panel.

We apply a single application of Protect-a-Shield nano coating developed specifically to form an invisible & long lasting clear barrier within the external glass.

We gently buff the glass panel from edge to edge until we achieve a totally smooth and clear finish.

Congratulations! Your skylight or roof window is now protected.

  • Protects new or existing bare glass panels

  • Repels water, dirt & contaminants

  • Improves UV stability

  • Reduces micro-scratching

  • Lowers maintenance frequency

  • Instant protection

  • Does not create a film build-up on top of external glass

  • A single application of Protect-a-Shield

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